Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Knight Digital Media Center Board Meeting

Knight Digital Media Center. The Center is dedicated to helping good journalists and good journalism succeed in the 21st Century.

For additional details see the Knight Digital Media Center webpage.

The Center is funded by the Knight Foundation and is guided by preeminent educational leaders, including Dean Ernie Wilson, USC Annenberg School of Communication and Dean Dianne Lynch, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Vikki Porter is the Director of the Center. Paul Grabowicz is Assistant Dean and the Director of New Media Program at Berkeley.

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The Center's first Annual Advisory Board Meeting was convened July 30, 2007 in Los Angeles. A brief slide show, presented on the right, highlights the Center's board members during the exchange. Their collective wisdom is being use to shape the future of journalism. Dr. Fetterman presented the evaluation findings from last year's work at the Board Meeting. For more details contact Vikki Porter.